There Goes Another Wallet

I made a mistake. I took a walk to my Grandma's house to show her the stuff that came in my Lemming Central Sampler Box because she likes going through the stuff with me, but when I left the house I left my purse laying on my desk.

Why is that a mistake? My money wasn't stolen if that's what you're thinking, but my bulldog apparently loves the taste of leather wallets. He won't tear up anything else when we're gone, but if I leave my wallet within reach it's gone. I've gone through 3 in the past 6 months, and my latest one was a Christmas gift from my best friend. Now it's nothing more than a few pieces of leather I had to pick up out of the floor. He didn't eat it, but he sure did rip it to shreds. I loved that wallet, too!

Luckily everything inside the wallet was spread across the bed, and nothing else was harmed during the destruction of the wallet. Now it looks like instead of spending some time online picking out new wedding rings to replace our smaller ones, I'll be spending time picking out a new wallet.

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