It Won't Go Away!

You know what I miss? I miss the days of email with a handy little "block address" button. It didn't work very well for removing spam, but it did work for unwanted emails from specific people. I know I used it many times when I would receive weird emails from people who found my yahoo profile. I also used it to block a few ex boyfriends, but those days are long gone. I haven't really even thought about that button over the past few years because I haven't needed it. If I received an email from someone I didn't want to talk to, I would just delete it. Chances are after never reading or replying to their email, they would go away, until now.

I signed up for an email newsletter awhile back that was supposed to be about SEO and blogging. It didn't take me long to realize the newsletters contained more junk than information I could use. After a couple more newsletters, I tried to unsubscribe. I kept receiving 2-3 newsletters a day from this group, and I figured like a lot of the other newsletters, I would have to wait so many days for the system to boot my email address out. After a month, I tried to unsubscribe again, and yet again I was told I was successfully unsubscribed.

It has now been two months since I first tried to unsubscribe. I've tried many other times to do it again, and I've even sent the newsletters to my junk mail filter, but they keep coming through my regular mail to no avail. There was also another option to unsubscribe by email. I've sent in a request many times, but of course I'm still getting the newsletter. I finally sent a few more not so nice emails to the webmaster of the newsletter, and still I've received no response, but I'm still receiving the newsletter!

All I want is for it to go away! I don't want to open my e-mail everyday to find at least 2 or 3 more newsletters that I've got to take the time to delete. I really do miss the days of that handy block button. Out of curiousity I checked some of the old email services I used to use that I regularly used the block button with, and I didn't realize until today that Gmail, Yahoo, Aim webmail, and my Charter mail have all removed or never had the button to begin with. Oh, what I'd do to see it return!

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