Financial Responsibility

A lot of parents have a hard time teaching their kids to control their money. Thankfully I came from a family where my dad limited my spending and taught me the value of a dollar. I received a set allowance, $60 every two weeks. It had to cover my school lunch as well as any of my activities on the weekends. Sure, I received extra money for special events, holidays, birthdays, and vacations, but I had to learn to budget my money wisely the rest of the year. It would have been nice if my dad had also had a way to give me a credit card, too, without having to give me a real credit card. Then I could have learned about credit and debit.

PAYjr Visa Buxx is now offering parents a way to do just that. Not only can you teach your kids responsibility through a pre-paid Visa Buxx card, but you can also make it fun! PAYjr allows your kids to upload their own images and design their own card to make it personal and unique! I think it's a great idea, and I'm even considering getting hubby a PAYjr Visa Buxx card so I can limit his spending! Haha I'm sure he would love that!

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Hey Jenn! How are you? I have a contest going on my site, thought I would let you know to see if you wanted to participate!!