Walking Away From The Drugs

As most of my older readers know, I spend some time discussing drug addictions and addiction treatment when I get the chance. I have many friends and family members who are addicts or who have overcome their addictions.

I have a reader who is dealing with an addiction of her own. We email each other on a regular basis, and I try to supply her with that listening ear she needs. She asked me for a list of helpful tips to help her move away from her addictions. I told her I would like to write this as a post incase others might find it helpful, too, and she agreed to let me mention her.

#1 Discuss Your Addiction

It doesn't matter if you confide in a family member, friend, counselor, or find an online addiction forum to help you, find someone to talk to about your problem. Just getting eerything out in the open helps.

#2 Talk To Your Doctor

I highly recommend drug treatment centers, but if you don't want to go that route, at least visit your doctor. Most doctors will help you devise a plan to beat your addiction. Depending on what you are addicted to, your doctor may also be able to perscribe a medication to help you.

#3 Stay Clear Of Other Addicts

Unless you are attending a meeting or addiction treatment center with other addicts, stay away from them! Other addicts can influence you to continue your drug use!

#4 Find a Hobby

It might sound a little silly, but I've seen it work. Search for a new hobby. If you thought about taking pottery classes at some point in your life, sign up. If you like to read, add a few new books to your collection, and keep one with you at all times. Hubby carried around a cheap .99 pocket football game. When a craving would hit him, he would take a few minutes to play the game and get his mind on something else. Another friend of ours decided to carve on a piece of wood when the cravings hit. He has now discovered a talent for woodcarving he never knew he had. He has turned that hobby into a job that he really enjoys. Now instead of drugs he chooses to make hand carved walking canes.

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