Replacement Watchbands

Have you ever bought a watch that was really pretty, but the band wasn't exactly great? I've got 2 watches in my jewelry box right now that are just like that. One I purchased because it had a very beautiful silver celestial pattern on the watch face, but I've never worn it because the band is a cheap black fake leather band that is very less than appealing. The watch would be absolutely beautiful with the right band. One option is to replace the band with one I really like. offers beautiful high end luxury Watch Bands, and I've seen quite a few that would match perfectly. Unfortunately, most of these bands are extremely out of my price range, but like I said, they are high end luxury bands. If I had the money to spend, or if I actually wore a lot of jewelry, I might consider adding one of these bands to my watch collection. I just don't wear a lot of jewelry, and I definitely don't spend a lot of money on the jewelry I do wear. also offers watch parts such as spring bars, buckles, and batteries as well as various tools for some pretty decent prices. If you have an expensive watch that is broken, consider how much you might save by repairing it instead of purchasing a new one.

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