Not My Sport

I know absolutely nothing about golf. Okay I take that back. I know you hit the ball, and you try to get it in the hole. I know I like to ride around in the golf cart! I know my grandpa had a little 9 iron made for me when I was 8 so I could hit golf balls in the front yard with him, and I know my father in law wants hubby to play golf with him, but hubby's swing looks like something from Happy Gilmore.

We've decided to buy my father in law a new putter for Father's day, but I have no idea which one to get him! I stopped by the Callaway golf site to see what they offer, and there are so many different putters. Some just look so weird I don't see how you could hit anything with them! It looks like I'm definitely going to have to find someone to help me figure out exactly which one to get him.

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