News Stories Through Videos

In the world of blogging, it's important to stay on top of news stories, whether your blog is a certain niche or general. Every good blogger knows a great blog is developed around good content, and breaking news stories are some of the best content.

Videos are another thing that draw a good crowd of visitors to a blog. I use videos from time to time in some of my blog posts, and I have personally watched my stats rise for those posts. Combining news stories with videos can be a great attention getter.

Let me introduce you to The News Room, a great site to not only find great news videos to embed in your blog in any category you can imagine, but also a new place to find a revenue stream for your blog! While sharing news releases on your site, you can also make money via advertising through CPM. Most videos pay $1 to $4 for every 1000 clicks. That might seem like a lot, but just check out the number of views on a lot of sites like YouTube and Google Video. You will be shocked at the number of views some videos receive!

On top of earning cash, you can also earn prizes through The News Room including electronics, vacations, and even cars! The videos are all free to use and super easy to embed, so if you're looking for a new way to draw some cash from your blog, or looking for a new way to share news, check out The News Room!

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