The Little Things

Hubby and I have finally set out to fix up the house. I looked at roman shades this weekend, and we talked about what color we want to paint the dining room, but we haven't decided on it yet. We're also debating on whether we're going to re-wallpaper the bathroom or paint it. The wallpaper is so old that it's peeling in one of the corners. I'd love to rip all the paper down and paint it, but we know for a fact that the entire room isn't drywall behind the paper. When my grandpa re-ran the lines for the sink, he took out about a 2 foot section of drywall in the corner next to the sink and replaced it with plywood. That means if we decide to paint the walls, hubby will have to drywall that corner. We always have the option to put up more paper and paint over that, but what's the use?

I decided the sink in the bathroom is fine, but we're going to have to get a new sink for the kitchen. The bottom of it is rusting. I also want to check out bathroom faucets. The one we've got just isn't pretty. The kitchen faucet was replaced last year, so I can save some cash on that, but I'm definitely replacing the cabinet hardware. I'm just so happy I'm finally getting hubby to agree to do this stuff. We can't completely remodel the house because we don't own it, but the little things are going to make it so much better.