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I decided to take the time out to test a couple more products in the Little Black Box. This time I decided to check out the samples from Lavender Moon Aromatics. I received a sample of Body Wash in Piece of Cake scent and Silken Body Oil Spray in Precious Amber. I wanted to take photos, but as usual they came out way too dark to use, so I'm borrowing photos from the site.

Here's the description of each from the Lavender Moon Aromatics Site.

Silken Body Oil Spray-
Forget those silicone based "dry oil sprays" and try our Silken Body Oil Spray instead. Created with a blend of super light coconut oil for it's non-greasy yet moisturizing properties. We then added liquid shea oil for it's incredible properties and rounded out the blend with soy protein and vitamin E.

This super concentrated spray will moisturize your skin without leaving an oily feeling behind. Perfect to refresh your skin during the summer and keep your skin from drying out in the winter. For those with coarse, dry hair try lightly misting your hands and then running it through your hair to tame all those dry flyaways!

Use our Silken Body Oil Spray as it is or customize it further by adding oils or even pure silk proteins for super soft skin!

Body Wash-
In the past we use to make cold process soap bars. Unfortuntely a lack of storage space to cure all those bars lead us to begin making our own natural body wash using our previous bar soap recipe.

Formulated with no sodium lauryl sulfates or sodium laureth sulfates, our body wash gently but thoroughly cleanses your body. Made with coconut, castor and olive oils plus extra vegetable glycerin. We've also include vitamin E as well as soy and silk proteins. Soy proteins help to replenish the lipid barrier which allows skin to hold in it's natural moisture while softening dry, chaffed and damaged skin. Silk proteins not only give the lather a silky feel but it also provides a protective barrier for the skin. Our body wash creates a dense lather that not only cleans well but it also leaves your skin feeling great!

I started by taking a shower with the body wash. It smelled so good I wanted to eat it! It really does smell like a piece of cake! The body wash was okay, but it didn't totally leave my skin super soft or anything. It worked just like my normal body wash, so it was good but not super awesome. When I got out of the shower I decided to use the body oil spray. Normally I have to lightly spray body oil so I don't wreak of the smell, and it will still leave my skin slimy. This stuff worked great! I sprayed a little on my arms and legs, rubbed it in, and I have no slimy mess. I didn't think I would like the smell. In the bottle it has a slightly musky old lady smell, but once I applied it, the smell is wonderful, and a very light scent, so it's not over powering. My skin feels smooth but not greasy and smells good, too!

The Silken Body Oil Spray is $4.95 for 2oz or $8.50 for 4oz. You can pick up the Body Wash for $7.50, but there are also sample sizes available so you can test out a few scents before committing to a full size bottle of either.

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