Fresh Look Friday: Stereotypical Housewife

This week's Fresh Look Friday is all about a blog I've visited many times, Sterotypical Housewife. Lori is someone I can relate to. We're the same age, both working at home with paid blogging, and both working part time jobs as well. Lori is married with a beautiful baby boy, and she loves to talk about her family, life, and whatever she feels inclined to discuss. Lori also sells her own handmade jewelry through her blog, so if you love handmade stuff, definitely check it out! She's got some really cute earrings! If you love Stereotypical Housewife, don't forget to check out her Xanga blog, too!

1 comment:

Lori said...

Thank you ever so much! That was totally sweet of you to post about me and my sites! Really thank you!! I will have to return the favor very soon!!