Family Connections

I've really got to help my grandma set up a blog. She's been asking me about it for awhile, but not until recently has she seriously wanted to do it. Right now we receive at least 3-4 emails a week from her. She sends them to everyone in the family with news on what's going on at home, her new medical issues, and the latest family gossip. I only live about 10 minutes away, so I normally hear the typical gossip before her emails arrive, but it's a way for her to communicate with the rest of the family who that live farther away.

I thought about giving her a web cam since I have two now, but it doesn't help to set her up with video conferencing unless everyone else has a web cam, too. I guess it's time to break down and set her up with a blog on a free account. She won't need more than that, and it won't take but a few minutes to create, but omg it's going to be horrible showing her how to use it. I'll have to explain everything 10 times before she'll let me leave, then I can almost bet I'll receive a phone call before I even make it home telling me she forgot how to sign in or something. I love the woman, but this is going to be a task.

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