Clean It Up

I build custom computers and do computer repair from my home. That's the job I've chosen to do because I absolutely love it. I get to work my own schedule, and there's always someone who needs something fixed. My latest project was the monster $6000 computer I custom built for hubby's boss, but most of the time my jobs involve a simple Spyware cleanup. I've had many customer's drop off their PC's claiming that nothing works or everything is super slow. I'll do a quick cleanup and have them running in an hour. It isn't always that simple though.

A few week's ago my sister brought her computer over for me to fix. She said she couldn't even turn it on because as soon as it started to load windows, the whole system would have a fatal error and crash. Now, I know my sister isn't very computer savvy, and I know she has a tendency to run her computer without any type of spyware protection or antivirus. I install all the needed programs, but she has a habit of removing them to clear up space for games. This is my same sister who got mad at me the first time I cleaned her computer. I told her I removed all the spyware and she said "No! My computer can't run without spyware. That's what makes it work! You suck at fixing computers!"

Oh how I laugh at that! Anyway, her computer was so messed up this last time that it took me 2 days to fix it. I couldn't even get into safe mode so I had to slave her hard drive to one of my computers, then I had to manually start the cleanup process. After I finally got it to a state where I could run a few spyware programs in safe mode, I was shocked that it wasn't finding anything. I had already proven there was no problem with her hardware by setting her up with one of my hard drives. I ran a number of programs before Spy Sweeper finally picked up some really nasty stuff.

Today I use Spy Sweeper on a daily basis. It's one of the best programs I've found for removing spyware. Of course, spyware program is going to pick up every problem 100% of the time, but overall, I've had more luck using Spy Sweeper than with many of the other programs out there on the market.

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