Rolling The Change

Every week I roll tons of change. DH never EVER spends his change. Well, okay, he does, but rarely. Most of the time he comes home, throws his jeans in the floor, and change falls everywhere. If he actually makes it to the couch with his jeans on, the change ends up beneath the cushions. If the change actually manages to stay in his pockets, when it's laundry time he transfers the change to the nearest table or countertop.

Hey, I'm not complaining. The less change he decides to spend, the more money I have saved up that he doesn't really pay attention to! This means I'm rolling change on a weekly basis. I roll all the silver, and I put the pennies aside for a later date. Once my big penny jar is full I'm going to take it to one of those coin machines that does it for you, but I'm not paying the prices they charge for the silver. On that note, I need some kind of automatic change counter machine thingy. I'm getting seriously tired of counting it all out and doing it by hand each week, and I just happened to remember I had one of those little plastic penny banks as a kid that looked like a bank vault. It sorted your change and rolled it for you. All you had to do is stick another paper roll in the slot and drop in your change. I also remember it broke like 2 weeks after I got it, so does anyone know of any really good change counter/roller thingies like this?

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