Energy Supplements

As tired as I've been lately, maybe I need to start thinking about taking an energy supplement. I normally take vitamins, but I've been kind of slack on that lately. I've definitely notice I feel a lot more run down as busy as I've been, but I'm scared of a lot of the things on the market today. I was the girl in college who popped energy pills to stay awake and study, but as I got older, I started paying attention to the types of energy pills I took. A lot of them just aren't safe in my opinion. Now I'm looking for something that's not only safe, but it will help me with more than just energy, too. I want something that's going to stimulate me mentally as well. It doesn't do much good to have the energy if my brain is drained. I also want something that's not going to make my heart race or make me crash as soon as it wears off.

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