Crazy Dreams

Good morning everyone. It's definitely early morning here, but I just couldn't sleep. I guess when you sleep until 3pm because you're under the weather, then you go back to bed at midnight, it makes sense to wake up at 4 am. The bad dream didn't help, but at least I can have a few hours of peace and quiet before hubby wakes up to get ready for work.

The dream thing reminded me that Colleen is doing a sort of mini meme about crazy dreams. I had thought about participating a few days ago when she announced it on the Geeky Speaky boards, but I hardly ever have crazy dreams. I admit I have the occassional dream about a hot celeb like Ami James (drools), but I just normally don't have crazy ones.

Maybe it's because I've been kind of sick and worn down lately, but the one I just woke up from was really weird. I don't remember all of it, but I do remember bits and pieces very vividly. I remember constantly searching for my bulldog, Bubba, and making sure he was at my side at every moment. That could be because I kind of really do that. After we lost our American Bulldog, I've been a little over protective of Bubba, especially when we go outside. Hubby tells me to relax and have fun with him, but I'm constantly making sure he isn't going to sprint for the road or out the door when someone comes to visit.

I also remember we were in some sort of super awesome vacation home. It was a 2 story with a garage, kitchen, living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms and bathroom downstairs, and 3 bedrooms upstairs with another bathroom. You'd think there'd be more bathrooms with that many bedrooms, right? lol There was also a fouton upstairs in a sort of alcove. Our best friend was sleeping on the fouton, and another friend of mine was staying in the middle bedroom. I never saw her, but her young son was asleep in that room all the time. My parents were there, too, only they weren't my real parents. I don't know who they were. There was also another couple staying in one of the other bedrooms, but I don't know who. We were all being secretive about it, and they kept the door locked most of the time. I had a nosey neighbor, and she knew the couple in the guestroom. I'm not sure where my room was. I thought it was downstairs because my nosey neighbor was always snooping around my window, but when I went to bed, I had to go upstairs. The nosey neighbor was always going off to plot with a friend, then she would return to snoop around my house. I found her asleep on the patio furniture, and she was always asking me to open my windows to let a little light in, but I accused her of trying to see inside the house for some reason.

The last part I remember before waking up is the weird part. We all came back in some sort of charter bus or something, and when we get inside, the dog is on alert searching for something. I dismiss it, and keep going about my business. I go to walk upstairs, and I find a leash laying on the steps. I pick it up and start to walk back downstairs, but I realize it isn't my dog's leash. It's way too short, so I turn around and head back up the stairs, and I said "She found him." I run the rest of the way up the stairs and don't see anything. It's pitch dark. The dog starts sniffing, and I feel someone grab me. I look down to see the nosey neighbor crouched on the floor with a guy laying in the floor below her. I don't know who it was, if he was dead or alive, or what. I couldn't see faces. She grabbed my hand and bit me, and I woke up. Freaky right?

I woke up with the dog, who normally sleeps in the floor next to the bed, laying on top of me licking the same hand that was just bit in my dream. Maybe the dog "nibbled" on me while I was asleep? lol He does have a chewing and licking fetish. One of his rubber balls was laying on the bed next to me, so I'm wondering if maybe he was chewing on it next to my hand, accidentally got my finger, and that's what caused me to wake up. I don't know, but I know it was definitely one crazy dream!

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