Can You Seduce A Celeb?

There's finally a contest out there for all you guys in the world. It's quite an interesting concept, and I must admit I laughed when I saw it. How would you like to win a date with Actress Mirelly Taylor? I'm serious here. It might seem a little "Win A Date With Tad Hamilton" -ish, but it's really going to happen! The contest is called Seduce A Celeb, and it's actually an online first for a contest of this type!

Who is Mirelly Taylor? You may have seen her in movies such as Serving Sara or Kiss Me again. She's also joined the casts of Las Vegas, Punk'd, and Numb3rs. She's a saucy brunette who knows what she's looking for in a guy.

If you want to participate, all you have to do is go watch Mirelly's videos about what she wants in a guy. You might also happen to see the Emmy Award winning producer Scott Steinberg or Andres Firestone from The Bachelor also appearing. Then you just respond with your own video message. Sounds easy enough right? The contest will run for 14 weeks, and all the entries will be uploaded and posted for users to rate as Free videos at The top 3 user picks will be reviewed by Mirelly Taylor, and she will make the final pick.

If you want to check out your competition, vote for your favorites, or just have a good laugh, don't forget to watch the video entries like the one below!

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