Bloggerwave Cleared By Paypal & Paypal Overprotection

For those of us who have been blogging with Bloggerwave, the scandal is finally over. Brett informed us on the GeekySpeaky forums that Paypal has cleared Bloggerwave payments.
I spoke with the PayPal resolution department today.

They have cleared Bloggerwave and indicate that Bloggerwave's account is now OK. They changed their ruling on the reason that Bloggerwave's payments were reversed.

Brett also wrote a new blog post with all the new information he has gathered from both Paypal and Bloggerwave. I suggest you check it out if you have been concerned about any payments you have received or any work you have done for them. I received my payment from Bloggerwave today, and I now sympathize with the company. Being new to the paid blogging industry, I think they just weren't set up for business as well as they thought they were. I will continue to work for them in the future, and I apologize to Bloggerwave for everything they have dealt with from not only Paypal but the majority of bloggers who have worked for them as well. I'm sure this has seriously hurt them in many ways.

I agree with Brett when he states that Paypal may actually be overprotecting their customers. He also brought to my attention some of the flags paypal uses to protect you from a stolen account or debit card. If you travel outside of your normal purchase area and use your debit card, Paypal may flag the transactions. If you log in from another location other than you normally use to access Paypal, they may also flag those transactions. If contact isn't made and the transactions cleared by you within a certain time frame, you account may be locked and those transactions reversed. I understand this is to protect customer from stolen accounts and fraud, but overall this could seriously cause a problem for me.

I often travel, and I like to use my Paypal debit card on those trips. I can save money in my Paypal account for the trip, and I know it is readily available with my debit card. This also prevents me from carrying large amounts of cash with me. If Paypal flags my account while I'm on vacation, then attempts to contact me via my home phone with no luck, my account could be frozen. That would leave me stuck on vacation without a dime to my name! Just last night I visited my in laws, and I used their computer to purchase mailing labels from USPS because my printer is on the fritz. Considering they live a ways away, I have to consider the fact that Paypal could have flagged this. Thankfully they didn't, but now I know there is a possibility of that.

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Rose DesRochers said...

I was going to sign up, but am very skeptical having read all this on the net.