Oh How I Love to Save Money

I admit I'm a procrastinator, so I usually wait until the very last minute to shop for Christmas gifts each year. The downside to that is I'm rushing around trying to buy everything. The upside is there are a lot of sales right before Christmas, so I usually end up getting huge discounts on a lot of the things I buy.

This year I have a lot of commitments that will take place right around Christmas, and that's going to cut into my shopping time. Because I'll be so busy I thought maybe I should try to get my shopping done early this year before the official holiday season arrives. Considering I'm already seeing Christmas decorations in stores in September I may not have much time before the "season" begins, but I'm going to get to shopping now.

How do I shop early and still save money, though? I think my best bet is to shop online and use some of my favorite coupons and deals sites to help me find things at a discount. For instance, I can order music equipment through retailmenot musiciansfriend coupons because the average user saves over $24 through retailmenot. I love that site!

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