What To Do With Myself

I can't believe it.  Both of my kids are asleep before 10pm, Hubby doesn't get home from work 'til midnight, and I don't know what to do with myself.  These nights are few and very far between.  Usually if I can get both kids to sleep at a decent hour I go straight to bed with them because I'm exhausted, but tonight I'm wide awake.  I spent 15 minutes picking up the house, I started a Hash brown Casserole in the crock pot, and now I'm going to get my work done peacefully.  Lately just mentioning the word "work" has me racing like a mad woman to type up some jobs on my phone before the midnight deadline hits.  I'll actually be ahead for once!

Once my work is finished I'm going to see if I can't list a few things online to make some extra cash.  I really need to get my handmade gifts site up and running again, but with the baby it's been impossible.  I've been making a few bows and diaper cakes here and there that I've been listening on a few auction sites, but I need to do more.  I may see if I can sell books at becksbooks.com because I have a few textbooks sitting in the closet from classes I've taken over the years. Hubby is going back to school next semester thanks to his new job, so we'll have even more textbooks to buy and then hopefully sell over the next couple of years.  I'd like to make a bit of cash back on the purchases we'll have to make, so I might see how well selling my old ones go first.

Anywho, my list is now made, so I'm going to hop off here and see how much I can get done before Hubby gets home.  Maybe I can even enjoy a glass of wine and a show off the DVR if I hurry!

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