Barefoot Day

Happy May 1st!  I know it's really not a holiday or anything, but May 1st has always been the one Spring day the kiddos in the family look forward to.  My great grandma called it "barefoot day" and always told the kids it was ok to finally go barefoot and swimming after May 1st.  Ellie is excited because we're going to pull out the sprinkler later this afternoon pending my blood pressure stays down this morning.  The doc adjusted my meds yesterday so I won't have to stay on partial bed rest anymore.  So far so good, so it looks like the sprinkler will be coming out.

I kind of broke my great grandma's rule this weekend anyway during all the rain we were getting.  It was a nice all day steady warm rain, so I let Ellie run around in her swimsuit in the rain for a bit.  That is, I let her run around until the drenching rain with the blow ya away winds hit.  Then it was time to go inside and watch the rain from the window.  By the time it was over we had a puddle of water inside the car port where the wind had blown the rain under the door.  That means Ben's got another thing to add to his honey do list to fix.  We talked about just cutting a hole in the concrete and installing a drain and one of those floor drain grates as a quick simple fix, but we'll see what he decides to do in the end.

This weekend I think he's going to work on replacing the deck on the side of the house outside the french doors so I'll have an easy way to let Ellie enjoy the outside this Summer while I'm busy with the baby.  The deck boards are old and dry rotting, so step one is to redo the deck on Sunday.  Then he's going to screen everything in next Saturday so we'll have a nice covered area to enjoy the outside without dragging the baby out in the heat.  

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