Is It Spring In January?

Who kidnapped Winter and replaced her with Spring?  Seriously, 72 degrees outside today?  I'm definitely not complaining about the warm weather, but I would like to enjoy some cool Winter temps at least a few times this year.  I already figure we won't have any need for snowshoes no matter how cool looking they are because I have a feeling we won't get a drop of snow this year.  It's not like I can run around playing in the snow pregnant anyway, but I would like to have a bit of snow for the little one to play in.  She was a year old the last time we got any decent amount of snow, so she was still a bit too young to fully understand it.  Now she's old enough to enjoy it and she keeps asking when we'll get some of the snow she sees kids playing in on TV.  Come on cold weather! Come back for a bit, bring some snow with you, and save these beautiful 70 degree days for Spring!

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