Organizing Our Home As A New Year's Resolution

Guest post written by Martha Hinderson

I guess that it isn't entirely our fault that our home is a bit messy. We recently downsized to a smaller home and we're still figuring out which belonging we have room for in the new house. That means that we still have a lot of boxes laying around and I wanted to do something about it. So one of my resolutions was to get our home organized so we can feel like we're finally moved in.

I looked online to see if i could find a little guidance for that task. When I was doing that I ran across some info on Home Pro Improvement and after I looked through it some, I decided to use them to help us renovate the kitchen in our new house. It's kind of old and in serious need of some modern updates. I'll be so relieved once we're through with that too!

But the task at hand right now is to organize our home. We've sat down a few nights to sort through things that we need and don't need. So we're about halfway there. I actually found a few things that might be worth some money that we can sell, so that will be an extra plus!

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