Sweating It Off

If you’ve been looking for good fat burners, but you don't have a lot of money to spend I have a solution. After running around my house cleaning like a mad woman while the AC is broken I feel like I've lost at least half of the 7 lbs I've packed on over the last 2 months lol. I'm seriously sweating like a pig wrapped in a blanket on 4th of July!

Most of my house is clean now, though.  I still have massive piles of laundry to finish, and while the current load is going I’m going to sit here in front of the AC soaking up what little bit of cool air it’s putting out.  We can add recharging the AC to our list of things we need money for!

Speaking of money, Ben finally got some good news about a potential job.  He doesn’t have the job just yet, but after a short interview and a glance over his resume the potential boss told Ben to call him back on Monday, and he may have a spot open for him.  It’s a residential construction job, and since they’re starting the framing on the new house he may have room for an extra hand, but he needed to go home and crunch the numbers to make sure.  Pray, cross your fingers, and plead that the guy can add him to his crew.  With the unemployment rate in our county jumping to 11.4% this month it’s getting even harder to find a job, especially in construction, and we really need him to land something soon.

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