Seidio Innocase Surface Case For Droid 2 Review

After dinner with the in-laws last night I'm still feeling so stuffed I don't feel like running around doing all the housework and errands I have to do. I feel like the best diet pills on the market couldn't make me feel like getting up off the couch, so I'm going to take advantage of this lazy time to review the Seidio Innocase Surface Case I ordered for Hubby's Droid 2.
I purchased this case as a birthday present for Hubby after he asked me to find him a cover for his Droid 2 that would be lightweight and yet functional at the same time. We've looked at a few cases, but none of them seemed to fit the bill. He wanted something that would be slim, fit snugly, and not interfere with the usage of the phone. He also wanted something with the soft touch coating, but he didn't want a case that would attract dust particles particularly because he is a carpenter. His case for his old phone was soft touch, and it attracted dust like crazy.
After doing a little research I decided to order the Seidio Innocase Surface Case For Droid 2 because it seemed to have all the features he wanted. The Amazon reviews were all great, and the Amazon listing stated "Thin and sleek case provides scratch protection without adding much bulk. Made from a high quality, lightweight, and durable polycarbonate plastic". Hubby has been using the Seidio Innocase Surface Case on his Droid 2 four days now, and we both love it. I'm thinking about replacing the cheap case I bought myself with one just like it. The soft touch coating does not attract dust particles, and he has had no problem sliding out the keyboard or moving widgets from screen to screen like has been the problem with other cases.  The case is very durable and has already protected the phone from clumsy fingers dropping it.
Original Droid 2 without case beside Seidio Innocase

The case is definitely lightweight, and the weight difference with the case on is barely noticeable. In fact he forgot he even had the case on the phone after the first day.  This is definitely the lightest cover I have seen.

Here you see the Seidio Innocase Surface Case compared next to my Colorful Stars Design Protector Case Snap On Hard Cover for Motorola DROID 2.
Also, the tabs are sturdy and hold well to the phone.  I’ve had to remove the case twice to take out his SD card, and I haven’t had any problem with tabs breaking off or bending.  It is actually very easy to remove the cover.  You don’t have to use a lot of force to pry it off as I’ve seen with other cases.  The cut outs to access the power, volume, camera buttons, as well as the headphone and charging ports are perfect.  There is ample room to access each.
I highly recommend spending the bit of extra cash to get the Seidio Innocase. It is definitely well worth it.

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