Happy New Year's Eve!

It figures that I made plans to have a little party tonight, and I didn't get but 3 hours of sleep because I had a huge to-do list on my mind.

We've been doing an end of the year cleaning all week. We started Saturday and have gone room by room, closet by closet cleaning out all the junk we need to get rid of. After 4 1/2 days I still have 1 room and 1 closet to go, but the rest of my house looks great. I've also been doing what I didn't do for spring cleaning...the dirty once or twice a year stuff. I washed down all the walls room by room, pulled out furniture that hasn't been moved in years and cleaned behind that (yeah I'm a slacker), scrubbed out and replaced all the paper in my cabinets and drawers, stuff like that.

Now I'm almost finished getting the house ready for the party, but I feel like I still have so much to do. The toilet is driving me absolutely crazy. The pipes under the house are plastic, but the one leading through the wall to the toilet is metal, and it's begun to break down leaving behind nasty deposits in the toilet that I just can't seem to get rid of. The whole bottom of the toilet bowl looks nasty brown, but I can't do anything about it.

I've scrubbed with everything I can think of from toilet bowl cleaner to CLR. I even tried the old 2 liter bottle of Coke, and I even went so far as trying mold killer. Bleach was a no go as well. I think I might just have to break down and learn to live with it or buy a new toilet. I'm not worrying about it anymore tonight. Most of my guests already know what's going on with it, and if someone asks I'll tell them straight up. I promise, my toilet is clean!

Now all I have to do to finish up for tonight is sweep/mop throughout the house and then do the food prep. With the dog and cat running around I think it's best if I wait until later this afternoon to do the mopping, otherwise the floors will look just as bad as they do now.

I'm about to go make more sausage balls, but that's about all I'm making food wise. We're doing like snack type food, so most of it just has to be pulled out of the fridge, like the veggie tray, chips & dip, stuff like that. I also have a half of a German chocolate cake left over from Saturday that I'm going to offer up, and I still have a ton of chocolates and cookies as well.

I have 2 rolls of cookie dough I might go ahead and make just to get rid of them. As for actual dinner food we're doing sandwiches. I picked up 2 kinds of turkey (sorry Alli, I forgot you don't eat turkey so I'll go grab some ham later) to make sandwiches. I was going to do chicken salad sandwiches, too, but Hubby and the bro-in-law are both so picky we decided to stick to the basics. I know my sis-in-law is bringing some munchie food, too, but I have no idea what. I guess she can surprise me!

Oh, and I guess I need to go throw the champagne in the fridge to chill before I forget! We don't want warm champagne at midnight, and if I don't do it now that's exactly what we'll have. Hopefully now that I've rambled away about all this I can clear my head and catch a nap for an hour or two as well. I totally don't want to be passing out as the party is just beginning.

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