Pebble Creek Candles Gel Tassie Melts

I love these melts! Ok I admit I love just about all melts, but I especially love these Gel Tassie Melts from Pebble Creek Candles.

A twist on plain gel wax tarts. We handpour scented gel wax into 2 oz cups and sprinkle soy crumbles on top for an extra kick of scent.

Not only do they smell wonderful, but I love how easy it is to cleanup gel melts. You just pop them in your tart burner, enjoy them, let it solidify again, then just peel them out when you're done.

These tarts were the perfect size for my smaller burner, too. Most of the time I have to cut tarts down for my smaller burner because it overflows and spills everywhere after the tart melts. As you can see in the photo these fit perfectly. The photo shows the Watermelon Sherbet tart in my smaller burner. I've been enjoying it a couple hours a night for about a week now, and the warm throw is still pretty good.

I haven't burned the lavender dreams yet simply because I have to be in a certain mood for most lavender scents. It does smell good though, and the cold throw is wonderful. Hubby asked me if I would put the tart in the bedroom, so I opened it and placed it in one of the book shelves built into our headboard.

If you're looking for a nice gel tart, I'd say give these a try. Single tarts are $2 each, but you can also buy a 6 pack for $11.75.

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Lisa said...

Damn you, woman. Now I've gotta give these a try. These would be perfect for the burner in my home office. Usually, I stick it in the freezer to pop the wax out, but I forget it's in there!