It's Not The Real Stuff...

but it's pretty darn good! I'm talking about Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese and the Ready To Eat Cheesecake Filling.

Now, first of all I'll admit it tastes nothing like the real thing. I do love just about any cheesecake you can throw at me though, and I'll never turn down a slice. A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me to try the Ready To Eat Cheesecake Filling if I wanted to make a quick cheesecake. You just put it in the pie shell, and it's ready to go.

I tasted it, and I loved it. I could make a real cheesecake that tastes much better, but I don't always have the time to make a real cheesecake from scratch. I wanted to get Hubby's opinion on the ready to eat filling, so I bought a tub tonight. Forget about adding it to a pie shell. He sat on the couch and ate half the container!

It looks like Philadelphia Ready To Eat Cheesecake filling is a huge hit in our household. I made myself a bagel tonight and used some of the filling instead of the cheesecake cream cheese spread I normally buy. Not only does the filling spread much easier, but it tastes more like cheesecake.

It also comes in chocolate, so I'm going to use this stuff next week. I have to meet with a client who told me about a small business opportunity she came up with, so we're going to have dinner to sit down and discuss it. She's cooking dinner which leaves me in charge of bringing dessert. I think I'll get some of those mini tart shells and fill them with this stuff. I might even freeze the shells with the filling inside, then dip them in some quick melt chocolate. Ooooh I bet that would be so good. I'm already thinking of 1000 ways I could use this filling!

Check out the Kraft foods website for a ton of easy cheesecake recipes you can make using the pie filling.

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