Making The Couch New Again

If someone offered to give you a couch that is in great condition, but extremely ugly, would you take it?

We've needed an extra couch for awhile now. The futon I use in my office is falling apart. Hubby's Grandma offered to give us her couch since she can't live on her own any longer. It's not just a couch, it's got the pull out couch bed, which is something I've really been needing. Hubby took over the guest room to rebuild the bike inside, so we really have no where for guests to sleep.

Hubby didn't want the couch because it's old, stained, and a seriously ugly flower print. I'm ok with flowers, but I can't do flowers that are bigger than my head! The cushions are stained with deep set in stains that aren't coming out no matter how many times I steam clean the thing.

Other than that, the couch is in perfect shape. It's extremely comfortable, and it's just what I needed for my office. Now when I have customers waiting they don't have to sit on a futon that's falling apart.

Hubby didn't want the couch because he said it would be too much work to make it look nice. I guess he's never heard of slipcovers. Because it is a couch bed I want one of the 2 piece slipcovers. I don't want to have to remove the entire cover just to pull out the bed.

Walmart carries a Stretch Pinstripe 2 Piece Slipcover that I really like, but I'm afraid to buy it. It's not sold in stores, so I would have to order it online, and I've heard some serious horror stories about ordering from I think my only options are to give Walmart's ship to store a try or to find another slipcover like that one somewhere else. I've found a ton I like online, but I've got a budget. I can't spend anymore than $130 on this, and the only one I've found in my price range is the one from Walmart.

Yeah I've found others I like, but I HAVE to have a 2 piece. This is the only 2 piece one I've found that I like that's cheap enough for me. Anyone have any suggestions on where I might find another one that I like in my price range?


After watching the installation video for the slipcover I see that having a two piece really doesn't help me if I'm looking for something I don't have to remove to use the couch bed. It still covers the couch bed. Do I ruin a $130 slipcover by cutting a hole in it around the couch bed? Or do I just deal with taking it off every time I need to use the bed? Hmmm...

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