Heading To Atlanta

Hubby found out today we'll be going to Atlanta in a couple weeks for him to do a side job. We'll be going on the weekend, and since it's a side job he's helping another guy with I'll get to go. The other guy's girlfriend is going as well, so I won't be stuck in the hotel by myself all day. I'd already planned on calling a few of the friends I have in ATL to hang out with me while Hubby's working, but now that the girlfriend is going I'm hoping we can do some shopping at Underground Atlanta. It's just so beautiful in that area with a lot of historical stuff to see while you shop and dine. I definitely want to drop by the Lush store since it's the closest one to me (yummy)!

I just hope it doesn't turn out like the last time we took a weekend trip to Atlanta for something fun. My friend and I went to Atlanta for the weekend to have a girl's weekend. What we planned on making a fun day of shopping turned kind of weird when we got lost in downtown Atlanta! That's not a place you want to get lost! We finally tracked down one of our friend's that lives in the area, and he met up with us. Of course he still won't let us live that down, and that was a couple years ago!

I think this time I might look up a few Things to do in Atlanta. I know Trusted Tours and Attractions offers sightseeing tours, so that could be fun. I've never taken an actual tour of Atlanta although I've been there a thousand times. They offer discount tickets for sightseeing tickets in 23 major cities like Boston for example, so I think it would be something interesting to do.

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