Yes iGrill!

I just realized my life as a geek could finally completely happen in the comfort of my office. That is if I wanted to convert my desk chair to one of those portable toilets. As for food I would have two options. I could purchase a mini fridge and eat sandwiches for the rest of my life, or I could go the extra mile and purchase a freezer to hold my frozen goods. Then I could grill out straight from my computer.

Yes I said in BBQ...from my COMPUTER. Freaked out yet?

I'm in love!

Check out the George Foreman USB iGrill.

According to Think Geek:

The low-fat, high-bandwidth solution to your networked cooking needs is finally here.

I'd say this baby really is the solution I'm looking for. Check this out. Not only does this thing power up and cook directly from a USB connection (making it perfect college students, etc), it takes your grilling to a whole new level. You can download recipes, and you can even set the grill by entering the weight, desired degree of doneness and type of food. The grill will make your food perfectly for you!

And I think this is totally cool.

As your meal cooks, the subtle glow from under the unit increases brightness and pulses faster until your meal is perfectly done.

Needless to say, I WANT this grill.

And to think when I googled "igrill" I was really looking for this one that has a built in sound system, also named iGrill.

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