Driving Me Insane

I'm really about ready to scream. I have a ton of reviews I want to get posted, but it's kind of impossible to do right now. It's impossible to do anything in this house right now. Hubby's having a video game marathon party this weekend. It was supposed to be over this afternoon, but now it's still going strong, and it's driving me insane.

I can't take photos because my camera is dead. I need to charge the battery, but with Hubby setup on the tv in my office his power cords are making a mess around all my cords. I can't find my cord to charge my camera anywhere.

I need to write up the reviews, but I can concentrate with gunshots coming from three different tvs.

I need to go to the grocery store, drop some cash in the overnight deposit at the bank, and pay the water bill, but I can't get out of the driveway. The Blazer's blocked in by 3 other cars, and no one will listen to me for 2 damn minutes to move their freakin' cars or give me keys to do it.

If I'd known things were going to go this way I would have said no video game party. Thank god these only happen every couple months, and most of the time at someone else's house.

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Angie said...

My teen has video game parties... I guess this is something I need to warn potential girlfriends about? :-) Hope you found your cord!