The Joys of Music

My little cousin has spent most of the evening with me, and it's so nice having her here. Not only is she really helpful around the house, but the child keeps me entertained by running around singing. It's been awhile since I've heard her sing. I think the last time was maybe 5 years ago when she was about 10 years old and I went to a Christmas play where she sang during intermission.

The child almost needs talent management because she's got such a beautiful voice. She gets it from her dad. He sings like an angel, and he turned down a record deal with a Christian music label because that's just not his thing. He didn't want to be off singing and recording music when he preferred being in the pulpit as the preacher.

Now my cousin is actually considering music as a career. She doesn't want to be out there singing on stage somewhere though. She wants to be a music teacher, and I think it's such as fitting career for her. It's been so wonderful hearing her sing today.

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