Seeing An Old Friend

I'm so happy because I just found out some great news. Hubby and I have a friend who lives up north who comes down from time to time to show luxury real estate to some very rich clients. He mostly deals with people who buy multi-million dollar vacation homes, and most of his clients have more than 1 vacation home.

He comes down from time to time to help them look at property down here on the lake or in Highlands and Cashiers, NC where some of the communities sell lots for millions. I haven't see Chris in about a year, and hubby just told me he'll be coming down later this week to show a client the vacation home hubby is currently building. If they like it they might be interested in buying property in the same gated community.

I'm just happy because I'll get to see one of my best friends who I hardly ever get to spend some time with. If I'm kind of quiet around the blogosphere later this week you'll know why. I'll be out enjoying the time I get to spend with my friend.

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