New Desk In The Works

I think hell has frozen over...or at least there's a pig flying somewhere. Hubby has finally agreed to finish building my "dream desk." I designed the perfect desk over 4 years ago, and it took me 2 years to convince hubby to tackle the task of building it. It's a huge wrap around desk that will take up two walls of my office, but I'll have plenty of room for everything. It's really not that hard of a project, especially for a lead carpenter who builds multi-million dollar homes, but hubby just has this thing with not wanting to build anything around our house.

He started building my desk 2 years ago, and he got exactly one shelf section, and one 5 foot section of the desk top build. He stopped because he ran out of nails for the nail gun, and he never started again. I finally gave up and turned the shelf section into an under the desk storage for my current desk. The top has been leaning against a wall in our utility room since the day he quit building it.

I've begged him to finish it, and now he has finally agreed to work on it next weekend. I don't know what the sudden motivation is to finish the project now, but I'm happy! Now I can start imagining all the awesome things I can buy to fill the desk! I think I might start with one of those engraved plaques that I can have on the desk with my name on it. Then at least I'll feel important!

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