Monetizing Your Blogs

What are your favorite methods for making money with your blog(s)? There are a ton of different methods to generating some income from blogs and websites, but not everyone feels the same way about each method. The newest method out there involves audio ads that play each time someone visits your website. Personally I think those are annoying, and you better believe if you're running audio ads on your site I'm not going to continue my visits.

In my opinion sidebar ads are ok, but sometimes the banner ads can become annoying when they contain lots of animation and sparkles. Well executed banner ads can work, but they're not for everyone.

Yes I admit paid blogging is my favorite way to monetize my blogs, but why? I think it's because the ads aren't obtrusive in the way sidebar ads can be. Would you rather see a big flashing banner screaming at you to click it or would you like the ability to scan over a few links words like term life insurance.

See that wasn't so bad now was it?

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