Using Blogs For Business Logs

Hubby and his boss have also found a way to use blogs that isn't our typical blog use. As part of his boss's plan to run a more efficient business, he has asked each of his crew leaders to make a daily log of all of the work completed by their crew everyday. He asked the crew leaders to write down or type up this log to be turned into him every morning.

As soon as hubby came home and told me about it I said is he going to provide the paper and ink? Why am I going to use my ink that I need for my business to type this up for you every night. Oh, and that's another thing. Why am I typing this up for you every night. You can type it yourself!

Hubby mentioned that he'd have no problem typing it up if he could keep all of his logs in one place, so I suggested a private blog where he can keep a record. He discussed it with his boss, and his boss agreed the blogs are a great idea. I set up free blogs for all of the crew leaders, and for a week now they have been recording their crew's daily logs. All the boss has to do is visit each blog whenever he feels like it. Now he's got a full report, and I'm not wasting my paper and ink.

Here's an example of what they're doing.

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