Wake Up SleepyHead

I've got a few more products to share from my Little Black Box, then I think I'll be done for this round. I've tried almost every product I received now except one. I received a Fizzy Foamy Bath Melt Powder from Fantasy Bath, and I can't wait to try it. The scent is called "Wake Up Sleepyhead" and I must say if I used this one in the morning I would be sure to wake up, but I don't know if I would be ready to jump up and start my day! The scent smells so wonderful that I would probably be too relaxed to want to do anything!

The website describes this bag as:
Yea, we know it is way too early. Yea, we know you didn't get enough sleep last night. But this will help clear the dreamy fog. Well, this and some breakfast and some hot coffee.

Grapefruit, lemons, lime, and tangerines. With a hint of vanilla. Water is a light cream color.

From what I've read on the website all these little bags as well as all the bath bombs made by Fantasy Bath are handmade. Each scent is hand mixed before it is added to the rest of the moisturizers to ensure the scents are perfect. No fillers are added, and according to the site these bags have more scent and moisturizers than most of the other handmade softeners out there. They better considering each bag costs $18 a pop! The upside to that is the fact that each bag is 3lbs which means you have multiple baths worth of product versus a one time use bath bomb.

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