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Your Favorite Business. I was surprised to find my three favorite hangouts listed, especially since I live in a small town. My favorite business in my neck of the woods would have to be The Tiki Hut. In the summer my friends and I tend to spend every Friday night on the outdoor deck that makes up the Tiki Hut's bar and grill.

I have such fond memories of that place. My most memorable experience there would have to be on a cold night in November. The cold showed up a little early for our area, so we didn't expect it to be as bad as it was. My best friend and I ended up sitting on the Tiki Hut deck wrapped in blankets, sitting under outdoor deck heaters just to listen to our favorite band play one last show before the Tiki Hut closed for the winter. It got so cold that most everyone else left before the band really got started, so we had our own private show. We were frozen to the bone, but we got to hang out with the band, they bought us tons of drinks, and we enjoyed every minute of it. It's not very often we get to do something like that.

When the Tiki Hut closes for the winter season, we alternate between our next two favorite hangouts, Myrtle Beach Bar and Grill, and Tiger Town Tavern. I wasn't shocked to see Tiger Town listed considering it's a hugely popular bar in a college town, but Myrtle Beach is one of those little unknown hole in the wall places that's just so great. Now I'm so happy to see that other people can find out about it and enjoy it all the same. I'm definitely going to write review for each of my favorite 3 hangouts for Merchant Circle just so I can hopefully give someone else the chance to enjoy these great little places.

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