Paid Blogging Series: Blogitive

I have been using Blogitive for quite awhile now, and although I don't do a lot of work for them, I am overall pleased with my experiences. Blogitive is a paid to blog program that isn't exactly like a lot of the other programs. Once your blogs are approved, instead of having a list of offers everyday, you will see a list of offers that Blogitive thinks will fit with your blog. You can choose to accept or reject any of the offers. All offers pay a flat $5. Also, Blogitive doesn't require advertising or positive reviews. Blogitive gives the blogger a chance to tell their opinion on certain products and services. Because it's your opinion, you may say something positive or negative. The companies are paying you to tell them what you really think.

To get your blogs approved, they must meet some requirements. All blogs must maintain a certain level of traffic, although that level might be low. Your blogs must be indexed by both Google and Yahoo. There is also a limit on the type of blog you run. Your blogs cannot be adult content or violent/hate related. Also, your blog must be at least 3 months old, and you must maintain at least 3 posts a week. Once you meet all these requirements, you can sign up for an account at anytime.

Blogitive also has a list of guidelines you must follow when writing a post. You must have at least 2 non-paid posts between each Blogitive post. Those posts must also be at least 50 words in length. Each Blogitive post must be 100 words or more, and must contain 1 required link. You may be required to disclose the op as paid depending on the advertiser, although I believe it's best to have a site wide disclosure as well.

When it comes to receiving your money, you must wait for the post to be approved. Now it normally takes up to a week at most for the Blogitive team to approve your post. Payments are made weekly, and for the most part I have been paid on time.

Overall I recommend Blogitive to anyone looking to blog for cash. You definitely won't get rich, but it's a good supplement to any other programs you may be using. For someone new to paid to blog programs, Blogitive is a good choice because the approval requirements aren't as strict as many of the other programs. The only downside I see to Blogitive is the lack of advertisers. There are plenty of jobs to complete, but if you want to work for them on a regular basis be prepared to write about online degrees quite a few times.

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