Organizing With Extra Storage

I've been looking for some new products to help me keep things organized around the house. I can't help it. We're just overflowing with clutter. People like to give us stuff even when I say I just don't have room for anything else. Hubby brings out tons of useless stuff from work like a truckload of blue slate flooring. These were all half tiles and broken tiles that couldn't be used in the multi million dollar house he was building. Hubby knows I want a mosaic tile floor particularly out of blue slate around our wood stove, so he thought I could use them. The idea is wonderful, but until we own this house, we aren't allowed to change anything, and multiple stacks of blue slate just takes up more room. (Again why I hope we can actually buy it!)

It took me a few months, but I finally convinced hubby to get rid of the flooring. I found a guy who could actually use it, and he traded hubby a huge toolbox thingy. The thing is about 6 ft tall and holds all his tools, so I solved two problems in one. I got rid of the tile that was just stacked up in my utility room, and I gained storage for hubby's tools that were just thrown everywhere inside and out. I've been begging him to buy some storage for them for months as well.

Now that I've gotten that taken care of, I've decided to treat myself to something for some storage. I'm going to start in one room, and I'll buy a few small things to help each week until that room is finished. Then I'll move onto the next room that needs organizing. I think it's a decent plan, don't you? I think I'm going to start in the bathroom. Yeah, it's the smallest room in the house, and it will be the easiest to work with, but we've got to start somewhere! I've already added extra shelving to the closest, so now I have more room to store linens. Before we had 1 shelf, 1 small hanging rack, and a ton of extra space below the shelf that couldn't be used.

Now I've got all the bed linens stored on one shelf, the towels on another, and I think I'm going to buy some organizers for the top shelf so I can store bedding there also. I've debated on adding a few cute baskets, but I've also thought about Space Bags. I could definitely stack quite few Space Bags in that space, but my only concern is moisture. The closet sits next to the bath tub, and I'm not sure if moisture will effect them. I know Space Bags are supposed to protect against mildew, but has anyone tried them? I'm kind of skeptical on purchasing them, but I would really like to be able to store all of my nice thick winter blankets and quilts in that closet. Only problem is most of my quilts are family heirlooms hand made by my ancestors, so I can't take the chance on ruining them.

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