Make A BarterBee Trade

If you haven't heard about - The Free Way to Get Movies, Music, and Games, this site is definitely worth checking out. The concept is unique, but I like the idea. You trade movies, music and games with other members through a points system. There is nothing to buy, and the system is safer than sending money through auctions.

Basically it works like this. Sign up for an account to receive 5 free points towards your first CD, DVD, or game. Browse for what you want, pay with points, and wait for your new item to arrive in the mail. There's no bidding or haggling, and shipping is free with insurance included. All items are sent in a special mailing envelope designed to protect merchandise.

If you're interested in selling your items, that's easy to do, too! Just give BarterBee the title or UPC code, and they'll create the listing for you complete with description and photos. You get to decide how many points you want for the item. When someone purchases it, stick it in a BarterBeee shipping mailer and send it off. You do have to pay shipping, but it's only around $1 for each envelope, and insurance is included. Now you can use those points you just earned to purchase other CDs, DVDs, or games.

See how the system works? It's basically a simple trade made safely through a system. You don't have to trade specifically with one member, so you aren't stuck with an item you don't want.

If you're not interested in selling items, but you want to buy, there are plenty of ways to get more points. You can earn points by referring friends. After their first purchase, you get points for another free CD, DVD, or game. You also earn more free points each time you buy 5 items in a calendar month. The easiest way to get points is to buy them. Each point is equal to $1, and $1 a point isn't too bad when you can get top quality CDs, DVDs, and games for 5 points or less!

I really like the new widget BarterBee just released. If you have a blog, website, or profile on a social network, now you can share your listings with your site visitors and friends. I think this site is a great idea for those who are interested in trading specifically for similar items, especially when it comes to video games. We have stacks of video games sitting around that hubby has gotten tired of, so I'm definitely going to give BarterBee a try.

This post is sponsored by BarterBee.