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I've been trying to get this post up for awhile, but every time I begin to write it I get distracted! I'm finally going to get it up! On May 30th I ordered a few samples from Lisa over at RPSoapworks introduced me to Etsy, and I absolutely love it. All items over there are handmade by wonderful people!

My First Orders:
The Country Baker FudgeThe fudge from The Country Baker arrived last Tuesday and included 1 sample of each flavor, Rocky Road, Irish Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Banana Coconut Fudge. I meant to take pictures of the fudge before we dove into it, but I didn't have the chance. Hubby popped open the Rocky Road, shared one bite with me, and finished it before I had a chance to snap any photos. It was absolutely wonderful! We finished off the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough fudge shortly after. I still have some Irish Cream and Banana Coconut Fudge left only because I switched them to a different container and hid them behind a lot of my health food so hubby couldn't eat it!

I also received my order from Tracy's Candle Creations on the same day. The soaps smell so wonderful! Included in the pack were samples of glycerin soap in Pink Grapefruit, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Sweet Pea, and Lavender. Hubby likes the Lavender, and he's added it to his side of the sink. My favorite is the Fresh Brewed Coffee. I ended up in the kitchen, and the Sweet Pea landed in the shower. Tracy also threw in one of her wax melts in Baby Powder scent for free as well as a couple business cards! It ended up in my wax diffuser before the end of the evening and smelled so wonderful! I will definitely be adding a few of those to my next order. The photo is missing the Fresh Brewed Coffee sample. I had already snatched it out to use before I thought to take pictures!

My order from Epicurious arrived yesterday. It was a little late, but I had a nice note explaining that she thought it had already shipped, but realized she didn't have a shipping receipt for the order, so she sent it out ASAP. I was very pleased, and I didn't have any problems with waiting 2 weeks for the order. I had ordered 2 1oz shea butter soap samples. What arrived was much more than I expected. There were three samples of each soap I had chosen, Orange Blossom and White Linen. She also included a wonderful FULL SIZE bar of Moonlight Path Shea Butter Soap. All of the scents are absolutely wonderful, but the orange blossom smells so good I want to eat it! I placed the Orange Blossom in the kitchen still in the bag, and it's working as a nice potpourri. I opened the white linen bag and placed it on my desk. I normally use my wax diffuser in my office during the day, but the soap smells so good it has taken over! I received all of this for .75 including shipping! It's all so wonderful I headed back over to the Epicurious shop today to purchase a few other things, and right now there's a sale going on for 20-30% off. She's clearing out old stock and introducing a new line, so you should definitely head over there before June 20th to order something!

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