Gardening 101

I love flowers and gardens, but I have to admit if it wasn't for my grandmother and my dad, I wouldn't have a single flower in my yard or fresh veggies in my fridge. My dad may be a farmer, but I definitely didn't inherit his green thumb. I've tried many times to grow things on my own, but to no avail they always die. This year I'm thinking about signing up for the Home Depot Gardening Club. I found out about it through the Home Depot Gardening Club article Lisa wrote over at The Den of Iniquity.

The Home Depot Gardening Club is a free program that enables you to receive discounts on gardening products. Through the Home Depot Gardening Club you also receive newsletters with tips and tricks for great lawn and garden care as well as tutorials to help even people like me without a bit of green thumb in them. In the Home Depot Gardening Club newsletters you will also find national news related to growing as well as special offers and coupons only available to club members.

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Joining is quick in easy. You only need a name and email address to sign up! If you're interested in signing up now, go ahead and click on the banner above to join! For more information check out the other Home Depot Gardening Club article I found over at Feeding Time At The Zoo.

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