Friendly Quick Links

Lisa's busy paying off her credit cards, but at least she's one step closer to getting out of her apartment! She'll keep it up if she stops buying all this awesome smelling stuff! She's got me so addicted!

Lori's showing off a new layout, and I must admit it looks pretty friggin' sweet! I think her new layout might motivate me to work on my own again. I've been so lazy with my blog layouts! I start making one, then I get distracted and never finish, so you keep getting to gaze at the same old free layouts over and over.

Trish is helping someone else lose weight with the Ipod Shuffle she just gave away. She even left it loaded with tons of music!

Suni's little boy apparently has way too much energy!

It looks like Aylee has been changing up her blog a little bit to make it a little more reader friendly.

Everyone should congratulate Connie! She just won the first drawing in my free hosting package giveaway! I see a new blog in her future! She's also been named the Volunteer of the Month by the Disabled Online Users Association! This girl's been busy!


Connie said...

Thanks for the contest win and the link! You are awesome! Come check out my latest post on DOUA's charity auctions on eBay!

Lisa said...

Don't blame me, woman! ;-)

At least you got your LBB for this month!!