Epicurious Soaps Continued

I just got out of the shower, and I absolutely have no choice but to rave over how awesome the soaps I got from Epicurious are! I had no intentions of using the soaps until I finished up with what I already have in the shower, but my nose got the better of me smelling that orange blossom on the counter across the room. I jumped back out of the shower just to grab one of the soap samples, and boy am I glad I did.

As soon as I started to later up I realized how awesome this shea butter soap is. It lathered up nice and creamy, and my skin was soaking it up. I realized I was out of shaving cream, and I normally won't use bar soap to shave, but this stuff is so creamy that I gave it a try anyway. With my sensitive skin, shaving with bar soap normally means I'll have tons of razor burn, but I had no problems at all shaving with this stuff. I have no razor burn and miraculously I didn't cut myself once...which is a problem I've always had around my ankles when shaving in a hurry. I absolutely love this soap! The orange blossom smell was so wonderful! I felt like I was taking an aromatherapy bath. I stayed in the shower until I ran out of hot water rewashing places just to use it.

Normally when I get out of the shower I have to use a ton of lotion because my skin is really dry. I didn't want to lose the orange blossom smell, so I grabbed some unscented lotion and hardly had to use any of it. Instead of my skin soaking up tons of lotion, I had to wipe some lotion off! I absolutely love the Epicurious soap, and there will definitely be more orders from me in the future!

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