OK I admit it. I've been one of those people who met someone online, and I have to admit it turned out pretty well...for awhile. Now, mind you this was many many years ago. I was still in high school in fact. My friends and I thought it would all be funny to put up our dating profiles on yahoo. I wasn't expecting much out of it. I was the typical teenager dating boys from home, but I did get something out of it. I did end up meeting a guy online. He was a marine stationed in Japan, and he was always online during my late night schedule, so we chatted just about every night. It never crossed my mind that I would actually end up dating him. We were online friends in my opinion.

Almost a year later, when he came back to his base in South Carolina, we talked about meeting up. My friends and I were going to plan a trip to the beach, but it never worked out, so he talked a buddy into driving up to the mountains with him. Even back then I was careful about talking to people online then meeting them in person. I wasn't one of those teen girls who was just going to run off with any random guy I met online. We met in a very public place, and we both brought along friends.

We went hiking the next day, and by the end of the weekend we were both glad we had finally met up, and we decided we would have to get together more often. In fact, he decided to come up to see me one weekend every month. It didn't take but a couple months before we realized there was more than a friendship between us, and the relationship that developed lasted for almost 2 years.

If I could go back and do it all over again, I would still have met him online, and I would still have dated him. I wouldn't change it because it was a big learning experience for me. I have a very good friend of mine who met a guy online last year, and she just became engaged to him a few weeks ago. Online dating can work as long as you keep in mind that not all relationships work no matter how you meet the person.

If you're interested in meeting people online, there's a good site you should check out called FriendFinder. I like how clean the site looks. The layout isn't hard on your eyes. I also like how you can see who's online now, so you can chat instantly with someone that catches your eye. If you're interested, go ahead and check it out.

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