Win With The Lowest Bid

If you haven't heard about bid4prizes yet, you should check it out. The concept isn't like any other auction type site out there today. You try to bid the lowest bid to win the prize. If you win, you don't really pay anything. The dollar amount you bid just determines who the winner is. You can bid one of two ways, either online or from your cell phone.

Right now there are quite a few prizes I would be interested in winning, but I would really love to win the Panasonic 42" TV and Bose DVD Theater System. Hubby and I are always fighting over my 37" tv when we really want to watch something, and most of the time I give in and watch my show on his smaller TV with bad colors. I've tried to adjust it many times, but it's just not worth trying to fix it. If you bump the TV the slightest little bit, the colors go all whack again. We just really need a new TV for the living room, and this would be a great one to win!

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