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I decided with the world of paid blogging evolving everyday, and new paid to blog sites popping up all the time, I'm going to start a little mini series of posts that tell about each one I've used, how I like it, and stuff like that. That way if you're interested in making a little money to blog, you will know what you're getting into before you attempt it.

I walked into all of it blind when I first started. I read a blog post about one of the first programs I signed up with, and considering I had just lost my job, I saw it as my opportunity to bring in a little cash. I looked at it as hey, this is free, so even if I don't make anything I've just wasted a little of my time. I can't even remember what blog turned me onto it, and I wish I could because I would definitely give them some link love, but that was a few months ago and shortly after I lost quite a few of my bookmarks.

After I completed my first few posts back when this blog was still a PR0 just barely eligible for most of the paid blogging sites, I read many blogs that condemned people for paid blogging. It caused me to have mixed feelings at the time and I wondered what I was getting into. Then I met a ton of wonderful bloggers like who do a few paid blogging posts each week like myself, and my thoughts completely turned back to the positive side. That's why I've decided to do this mini series. There is so much negative feedback out there that I want to contribute some positive feedback!

In the next few weeks I will be discussing the following programs.
  • payperpost
  • blogitive
  • loudlaunch
  • reviewme
  • smorty
  • bloggerwave (why I won't use this's a scam!)
  • blogsvertise
  • bloggingads
  • payu2blog
  • v7n
  • sponsoredreviews
  • creamaid
  • any other programs I try

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