Paid Blogging Series: PayPerPost

When I first joined PayPerPost, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I didn't know anyone who did any type of paid blogging, and I only had 2 blogs at the time. One of my blogs was located on myspace, and the other is the Freebies blog that I still maintain. When I heard about PPP, I decided to sign up with my freebies blog. I knew I would only be able to take opportunities dealing with free programs and services, trials, discounts, etc, but I signed up anyway. I was pleasantly surprised when I completed my first 2 ops. I think my first post paid $3 or $4, but that was last year. Since that time PPP has undergone many changes.

Now PPP is definitely a program I recommend to anyone who wants to get into paid blogging. Before joining your blog needs to be at least 90 days old. Once you join you can see a list of all the ops available to you as well as the ones you can't take. You can see the ones you can't take so you will know what things you need to improve about your blog. You might wonder why only certain ones are available. That's because PPP uses a segmenting system that allows advertisers to choose what types of blogs can write about their products and services. The segmenting is done according to Page Rank, Alexa score, categories, and hosting service. Don't worry. Even if you have a low PR and Alexa, there are still plenty of ops to take. I actually write more paid posts on my PR0 blog!

You can do up to 3 posts per day for each blog you register with PPP. The minimum payout is $5 with some ops offering $300 or more. Most of the really high paying ops like that require a lot from the blogger or high numbers for PR and Alexa. Most ops require between 50-300 words and 1-3 links. Payouts are made 30 days after your post is approved. Payouts are generally on time through paypal, and you won't lose any of your hard earned cash to paypal fees.

There's also a referral program for those who are interested, and PPP just added a new feature today called PPP Direct. You place a button on your blog, and advertisers can submit a job offer directly to you. Like I said, it's a new feature, so you can check the PPP blog for more info. I don't know much about it right now. Personally I'm very happy with PayPerPost. Not only have I made some decent cash, but I have also made quite a few friends out of the other PPP bloggers I have met.

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