Paid Blogging Series: Blogging Ads

I decided to talk to you about Blogging Ads today because this is one of the newer programs I have been using for paid to post blogging, and I'm quite impressed with it. First of all, you do have to meet certain requirements to have your blog approved. Your blog has to be indexed by Google, and it must be at least 3 months old. There needs to be normal posting, but not on a daily basis as long as there are no large gaps between posts. There are a few other guidelines that you should definitely look at before deciding to sign up with Blogging Ads, and most of your questions can be answered via the FAQ.

As for paid posts, this is the only service I have used so far that puts a limit on how many posts you may be paid for each month. You may place 3 posts on each blog you own per month, with a maximum of 10 posts per month. Most of the posts pay $5, a few pay more, and a few pay less, but it's very easy to make the max of $15-20 per blog each month. You can't get rich from it, but it's definitely a great place to make a little extra pocket cash.

I like how, unlike most of the other paid blogging sites, there aren't a lot of ads for debt management programs and plastic surgery to sort through to find good things to write about. Also, Blogging Ads gives you a choice as to how to promote their contextual links. You can either write your own post, or you can choose to use one of their pre-written posts for your blog. I personally choose to write my own posts that fit in with my blog. Also, I'm not sure if the pre-written posts may get you banned from Google. I haven't seen any minimum for the length of each post, but I tend to write at least 100 words anyway. There are post examples on the site if you're wondering what your posts are supposed to look like.

Also, I've had no problem getting paid. I've been paid via paypal for every post within days of its approval. If you're looking to ad another program to your paid blogging, or you would like to start blogging with an easy to use program, Blogging Ads is a good place to start.

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